Dorothy Complex

My Dear, this tornado you fear, it is all in your imagination! Look inside yourself to see there are three qualities stronger than any middle aged man standing behind a curtain of insecurity! & with action you can unmask him! Only then will his words become silenced. & truth will be heard, resounding through displays of brain, heart and courage!

Dorothy Complex – when young female professionals are fooled into believing middle aged men are all powerful wizards

With a concept as clear as the issues we have to overcome, Dorothy Complex makes it possible for all to understand what challenges we face.

We seek to fuel the 4th wave & “next gen” women’s movement against gender discrimination & gender bias in the workplace

The movement promotes displays of action through character strength, inspired by the story of Dorothy from the concept of the wizard of Oz. “Brain, Heart, Courage” sends a positive message of self- empowerment, encouraging young female professionals to seize back their power of determining wha and who they are and should be. In addition it has a friendly reminder that the wizard was “a good man” – just not a very good wizard!