Dorothy Complex

Recently, as a young female professional on my way to experiencing burnout at 30 (the age most are), I had an odd epiphany. It was triggered by the overuse of people around me talking about the wizard of Oz.

Having the feeling that I am up against men I simply cannot compete with, not out of my own lack of ability but simply due to the power they hold and are bestowed upon from upper management I was about ready to give up.

Then I had this vision.

Me being the perfect representation of Dorothy from the wizard of Oz, I saw this scene from the movie, to quote:

And it started generating an excitement in me. I thought, this is it. This is the piece all of us young female professionals have been missing. The complex we have that blinds us.

Dorothy Complex. So, I submitted an urban dictionary definition and it got published. Here it is Dorothy Complex

So please go, read it and like it, because we need all the support we can get to fight this battle.

It’s time to get started.

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